Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy


Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy is a tender yet highly effective personal growth endeavor that reveals and heals the hidden scars and wounds from our past that leave us feeling unworthy, devalued, fearful, guilt-ridden, resentful and constrained. We’re often unaware that we react blindly in our current relationships and life situations as a result of the pain of these past events.

Repressed pain, wounds and memories from our past store within our bodies and resurface through our thoughts, words, choices and actions when triggered by a current event. Within each of us, awaits two energies that need to be healed and reunited. These two energies are our emotions (our Inner child) and our thoughts (our Adult self).

These two energies, our thoughts and our feelings, are at constant odds with each other. Our emotions can be filled with unmet needs and desires that rule our lives but rarely bring lasting fulfillment, while our thoughts often swim in a great sense of futility as they try to guard against the constant tug of these unruly emotions.

The Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy process sheds light on these hidden wounds and brings healing to the thoughts and feelings that surround them, creating an inner alchemy that unites the two and affords powerful life healing. Your healing brings hope, freedom and empowerment.  Your thoughts and emotions heal, evolve and, ultimately, work together harmoniously for positive, productive results leaving behind any whisper of inner turmoil.

This is an excellent therapeutic tool for those who feel out of touch with or ruled by their feelings, are aware of repeated unhealthy life patterns in their life but unsure why they occur, automatically react from their emotions, remain stuck in negative life circumstances, or are confused by the conflict that continuously arises between their thoughts and feelings.

This in-depth Yhandi process unearths painful past events, negative, repressed emotions and destructive thought patterns for healing and greater self awareness.  When our emotional and mental energies are healthy, in balance and integrated, our lives change in marked, miraculous ways.  No longer  a slave to the burden of unbearable, repressed pain, this rewarding process will free you from imprisoning inner turmoil, renew your inner joy, open you to new dimensions and possibilities, awaken your natural creativity and allow you to live in inspired ideas and choices.


4 sessions (approximately 13 hours)  –  $797

The cumulative benefit of this work is critical so a firm commitment to all four sessions is necessary for your maximum benefit.

To book your Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy session or, for more information, please email us at appointments@gracecover.com or call us at (508) 624-8400.

Note: If necessary or preferred, for an additional fee, we can travel to your destination to facilitate this program.