Trance Energy Healing


Trance Energy Healing is a holistic, spiritual energy healing that invokes the highest divine energies for restoring full health to your holistic presence -  your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual layers.  These high energies of Love, Light and Healing transform you, reintegrating health, balance and vitality throughout your entire holistic being.

In this holistic, spiritual energy healing, the healer scans your entire human energy system, pulls out negative energy and blocks, cleanses your blood and sends powerful energy healing into all layers of your holistic being.

This holistic energy healing works beyond your energy centers (chakras) and into every corner of your body.  After this holistic, spiritual energy healing, you will experience deep inner peace, enriched connection with your inner spiritual being and a renewed empowerment for your focus and life journey.

This holistic, spiritual energy healing lasts 50 minutes.
The cost is $ 85

To book your Trance Energy Healing, call Grace Cover at 508-624-8400 or email