Reiki Healing with Reading


A Reiki Healing with Reading session is a gentle method of holistic energy healing that soothes, balances and realigns your human energy system and energy centers (chakras) while bringing relief to pain, stress and emotional burden.  The term Reiki derives from the Japanese words rei, meaning “the wisdom of the Divine,” and ki, meaning life force or life energy.  Reiki healing sessions revitalize the life force present within you as well as your energy centers or chakras.

As this holistic Reiki energy healing takes place, the healer receives messages and guidance for the you as each chakra is cleansed, balanced and enlivened.  The messages and guidance received bring clarity, purpose and renewed direction and it further empowers you along your life journey.

During a Reiki Healing session, as healing and release take place and clients feel their pain and stress melt away, deep abiding peace, tranquility and renewal sets in. 

Reiki Healing brings renewed balance and vitality to your physical body and human energy fields while you experience a deepening in your spirituality through your connection to the healing energy of all of life.  Through Reiki healing, you are connected with the endless  flow of spiritual energy in which all of life can be healed and restored.

The staff of Richer Life Journey are certified Master Healers and instructors of Reiki Healing. They look forward to sharing the unique, ancient yet ageless power of Reiki Healing with you today!

Reiki Healing sessions last for 60 minutes. It may be done in person or remotely.

The cost is $ 75

To book your Reiki Healing session, call Grace Cover at  508-624-8400 or email!


We also offer Reiki training and certification courses in Level I – Level IV for those interested in learning the beautiful healing art of Reiki Healing.  The four levels of training reawaken the knowledge that we are energy, uncover the pathways to illuminating the self as an energy-healer, and teach how to use the powerful spiritual symbols of Reiki Healing.  See course info in the seminars section!