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To help you navigate our wealth of numerous seminars and workshops, we have assembled the guide below.

Look below for the area on the left that most interests you and match it with the powerful resource on the right. Click each link on the right for more information! There is a seminar and a energy healing modality listed for each category.

If you are...

Longing for meaningful enrichment

If you are longing for more, feeling empty, experiencing stress, needing direction, clarity, searching for your purpose, seeking meaningful experiences, a strong sense of self, empowerment and greater inner peace. If you are ready to discover all of the powerful tools at your disposal…


Then you will greatly benefit from...

Recommended empowerment seminar:

Guided Meditation, Intuition & Channeling 101

Intro your stunning inner toolbox, intuition, guided meditation, awakening your abundant inner gifts, identifying your energy system, and the tools for a life of peace, joy and contentment.

Clients who have taken this seminar also enjoy these complementing holistic energy healing options:

Seeking guidance, wisdom, intuition, spiritual connection and power

If you are seeking guidance, wisdom, greater spiritual connection, enhanced intuition skills, a more powerful inner spiritual toolbox, working with your energy at a deeper level…


Recommended empowerment seminar:

Guided Meditation, Intuition & Channeling 102

Expanded work & hands on experience in guided meditation, intuition and channeling, a deeper understanding of your energy system and learning to  read it, the totality of your spiritual gifts and the powerful assets & life benefits that come from your connection!

Recommended holistic energy healing services:

Desire tools for peace, empowerment, deepening spirituality

If you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, struggle, sadness, heartache, pent up frustration, disharmony in your  relationships, have problems that need solution, feeling lack, depleted, far from life purpose, desiring more, in need of confidence and personal empowerment, want a deeper spiritual connection, ready to end negative self talk and limiting beliefs…


Recommended empowerment seminar:

Inner Sanctuary Training

Expanded work & hands on experience in guided meditation, intuition and channeling, a deeper understanding of your energy system and learning to  read it, the totality of your spiritual gifts and the powerful assets and life benefits that come from your connection!

veryone loves this 12 stop guided meditation journey where you solve problems, receive knowledge & answers, release stress & anxiety, find enjoyment and renewal, create all your desires and connect deeply with God and your soulThis phenomenal tool is life transforming!

Recommended holistic energy healing services:

Want to understand all holistic energy layers of you!

If you are often tired, depleted, in stress, ill, have colds & flu, lacking joy, anxious, at odds with people, have annoying friends, in disharmony, have focus issues, feel isolated, curious about your energy makeup, the whole of you, how your thoughts and feelings have impact, ponder the patterns and circumstances of your life...


Recommended empowerment seminar:

We Are Energy! Understanding Your Human Energy System and How You Impact it!

This is a study of your human energy system, how you impact it, how we impact each other, your chakras & aura and each of their roles, how they become out of balance, how unresolved feelings store in our bodies, and how our thoughts, feelings and baggage greatly impact our overall life, our energy and how we feel physically.

Recommended holistic energy healing services:

Desire an abundant life, ease, power to attract desires

If you are feeling financial stress, struggling to make ends meets, unable to manifest exactly what you want, having trouble creating the meaningful, abundant life you long for, does life seems harder than it should be, are the circumstances of your life difficult? 


Recommended empowerment seminar:

Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life!

Based on the universal principle of the Law of Attraction, this course provides a step by step process for manifestingexactly what you desire in all areas of an abundant life. Precise Steps For Creating an Abundant Life! teaches you exactly how to manifest these things without delay, into your daily life. Put an end to struggle, lack and longing now. This natural process was always meant to be how you process and enjoy your life!

Recommended holistic energy healing services:

Yearn for freedom, happiness, balance, harmony

If you are experiencing upset, stress, frustration, guilt, worry about the future, have negative self  images, pent up anger, trigger easily, get down, lose your natural joy for periods of time, have repeated, unhelpful patterns of choice and  behavior and want a deeper understanding of why...


Recommended empowerment seminar:

Self Awareness – A Journey to Freedom

This critical course gives a comprehensive understanding of you … and why &  what is truly underneath all of those negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and internal chatter. It teaches how to get out from underneath it all and live a life where you thrive in empowerment, success and  the truth of who you truly are as a powerfully positive, authentic and unstoppable person!

Recommended holistic energy healing services:

Wish to provide holistic energy healing for yourself and loved ones

If you are wanting the ability to heal yourself, your family, your children, and your loved ones and bring greater health, wellness? Would you enjoy calming, soothing and balancing the emotional and mental upset that blocks and inhibits your/their vital energy flow...


Recommended empowerment seminar: 

Learning Shamballa Reiki Healing

This energy healing course teaches and  certifies students in all four levels of Shamballa Reiki Healing. We ALL have the ability to heal ourselves, our children and families and our friends