We Are Energy! Understanding Your Human Energy System and How You Impact It!


We Are Energy! Understanding Your Human Energy System and How You Impact It!


We are all born fully equipped with an invisible, complex, vital life energy system that runs through all of creation and sustains our very life.  This course gives an in-depth understanding of your human energy system, what it is, why it’s important and how you impact it.  This course informs on the role and purpose of your chakras, your aura and auric layers, and the vast beneficial qualities present in vital life energy itself, unknown and untapped by many. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your holistic makeup and a road map to optimal health in mind, body and spirit.  As you gather knowledge, tools, and move into deeper self awareness, you chart a new path to a meaningful life of empowerment, peace and unstoppable success where your relationships flourish and each day brings a rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful experience.

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We Are Energy!

Conventional theory held that human beings were lumps of physical matter - the flesh, bones and muscles we can see that are run by a complex communication system between atoms, cells and molecules.  Now science knows we are all made of energy, that physical matter is just energy vibrating at a slower speed. But before science discovered this and began measuring the energy fields around living things, we already sensed this to be true because we are all aware of how impacted we are by our own energy level – whether it is abundant or depleting.  We know how we feel, inside and out, when our energy is high and when it is low. This vital life energy, the essence of all life with which we were created, is what allows us to be alive. When our energy is vibrant and healthy, we thrive.  When it is no longer, we cease.  Our programs give you an in-depth understanding of your holistic human energy system, how you impact your energy fields, how we impact the energy of others around us and how all things are interconnected and interrelated.

Course Benefits:
From this course, you gain an important understanding of:

  • Your 7 main energy centers (chakras) and 7 main auric layers– what they are, their purpose and how they operate.
  • What is this energy that runs throughout our bodies and sustains all of life?!
  • Why you often feel tired, sluggish or depleted
  • How your chakras become blocked & imbalanced and what that means to your physical health
  • How you impact the pure flow of vital life energy to you
  • How to heal, soothe and restore your imbalanced chakras and auric field
  • How your thoughts and feelings are powerful energy fields that attract, draw and become manifestations in your life     
  • How repressed, unresolved, difficult memories, scars, wounds and pain reeks havoc on and store in your energy system (chakras) and physical body
  • Why you experience those difficult thoughts and feelings that bring you down and how to heal them
  • How to stop the endless stream of negative chatter that governs your day
  • How to transform stress, worry, fret and fear into empowerment, knowingness and peace
  • How you might be allowing the energy of others to impact your system
  • How you impact the energy system of others
  • How to keep your energy system and level at optimal health
  • How energy healing takes place

We Are Energy!  Understanding Your Human Energy System and How You Impact It!

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1 evening class   6:00 – 9:15    Fee:  $97

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