Self Awareness - A Journey to Freedom


Self Awareness - A Journey to Freedom


This course is a wonderful journey in self awareness and personal growth.  The revelation, truth and inspiration it brings forth creates a pathway to the positive change necessary for living in inner peace, empowerment and your natural joy as you create and sustain a meaningful life you enjoy and love.

 Your efforts in this tender, compelling self awareness and personal growth course show what is truly underneath all those stumbling blocks, negative thoughts and feelings, repeated patterns of choice and behavior, limiting beliefs and negative internal chatter. As well, you will see where and how you stand in your power and where you give it away.   It teaches how to release and get out from underneath it all and live a life where you thrive in empowerment, success and the truth of who you truly are as a powerfully authentic and unstoppable person.  The personal growth and self awareness you gain from these few hours will change your life and your perspective in markedly powerful ways bringing abundant new freedom, happiness and harmony into your daily life experience.

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We cannot richly enjoy our life if we are constantly tripping over the same issues, patterns and triggers. The residue from unhealed past wounds or hurtful incidents, often bury within us leaving marks and scars on our hearts and our psyche.  These lead us to conclusions and repetitive actions that are harmful and damaging to our well being  … our bodies and to our spirits and they reek havoc in our relationships and daily lives.  Often we are reacting rather than responding.  As well, whether we are aware or not, what we believe, think and feel about ourselves – consciously and subconsciously – play an important part in the circumstances of our current life condition.

If you experience upset, stress, frustration, guilt, resentment, anger or shame, this course is for you.  
If you worry about the future, have negative self images, trigger easily, get down, lose your natural joy for periods of time, have repeated, unhelpful patterns of choice and behavior and want a deeper understanding of why ….. come to this course and begin your journey to ultimate healing, empowerment and renewal.    
If your relationships are in stress, if you accept less for yourself than you should, if you have trouble identifying  your greater worth and purpose,  come and begin your journey to true freedom. 

Self awareness is the gateway to true and lasting freedom, peace and happiness.

Begin life anew today with a deeper understanding of your internal workings and the tools that equip you for sustaining a happy, rewarding and meaningful life!

Self Awareness – A Journey to Freedom

One evening class    6-10 PM    $130

2015 Schedule:  

Jan 15th                           Jan 29th                          Feb 10th                            Feb 17th

March 10th                      March 18th                      March 26th                       April 7th

April 22nd                        April 30th                        May 5th                             May 14th

May 28th                          June 9th                          June 18th                          July 7th

July 29th                           Aug 4th                            Aug 20th                           Sept 1st

Sept 17th                          Oct 13th                           Oct28th                              Nov 5th  

Nov 17th                            Dec 1st                            Dec 17th