Shamballa Reiki Healing System

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Shamballa Reiki Healing System

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This Reiki healing course teaches and certifies students in all four levels of Shamballa Reiki Healing System. We were all born with an innate ability to heal ourselves, our children, our families and our friends. This energy healing ability is not reserved for a chosen few.  Everyone has this miraculous gift and, once trained, can draw upon it at any time. The implications of this alone are breathtaking.  With proper training, anyone can assist in bringing energy healing to most physical disturbances and energy imbalances. As well, Shamballa Reiki Healing System assists in the calming, soothing and balancing of emotional and mental disruptions that block and inhibit our vital energy flow. It is our belief that if everyone knew this energy healing ability existed within, all would tap into and release its healing powers today! 

Level and Course Date Options:

Program details

Shamballa Reiki Healing System is a gentle method of holistic energy healing that soothes, balances and realigns your human energy system and energy centers (chakras) while bringing relief to pain, stress and emotional burden. The term reiki derives from the Japanese words rei, meaning “the wisdom of the Divine,” and ki, meaning life force or life energy. Ancient, sacred, healing symbols are used during a Shamballa Reiki healing session to foster deep healing, renewed awakening and revitalization of the life force present within the client as well as their energy centers or chakras.

During a Shamballa Reiki session, people experience a deeper awareness or awakening of the Divine within them. The focus of this holistic, reiki healing modality is to connect clients with their own spiritual center and to increase their awareness of their innate spiritual gifts. Clients report experiencing a sense of being connected to all living things and being filled with light and love as their pain and stress melts away. This form of reiki healing enkindles a profound renewal in personal spirituality and an expanded sense of the life purpose.

Shamballa Reiki Healing System – Certification Class for Levels I – IV

The staff of Grace Cover are certified Master Healers and Teachers of Shamballa Reiki Healing. They look forward to sharing the unique and ancient yet ageless power of Shamballa Reiki Healing System with you today.

Course description Shamballa Reiki Healing System Level I

  1. Shamballa reiki healing history, meaning, technique
  2. Effects of our thoughts and emotions on our being
  3. Human energy and the seven major energy centers (chakras)
  4. Introduction to Shamballa Reiki healing energy
  5. Prayer and Meditation on abundant living
  6. Acknowledging our spiritual gifts and power
  7. The first two Shamballa Precepts
  8. The I AM acknowledgement and prayer
  9. Attunement to the first Shamballa Reiki healing symbol 


Course description Shamballa Reiki Healing System Level II

  1. Advanced study on ancient Shamballa Reiki Healing System symbols
  2. Introduction to distant Reiki healing
  3. Introduces new Shamballa Reiki healing power
  4. Getting to Know Thyself
  5. Clearing disruptive energy
  6. Introduction to our Spiritual Helpers
  7. MAP team introduction
  8. Suggested Reading List
  9. I AM meditation
  10. Attunement to 7 new Shamballa Reiki Healing System symbols


Course description Shamballa Reiki Healing System Level III

  1. Introduction to new reiki healing energy aspects and new Shamballa Reiki healing symbols
  2. Symptoms of Inner Peace
  3. Collective Human Consciousness and the Energy of Love
  4. Our Spiritual Energies and the Process of using them
  5. The I AM acknowledgement and prayer
  6. Learn to administer Level 1 and Level 2 attunements on others
  7. Attune to Level III Shamballa Reiki Healing System symbols


Course description Shamballa Reiki Healing System Level IV

  1. Living one’s worthiness and empowerment
  2. I AM confirmation
  3. The Energy of Freedom
  4. The Mahatma Energy   (The collective God Presence in all of humankind)
  5. Living in the wisdom of your Soul
  6. Meditation to bring in the Mahatma Energy
  7. The clearing and activation of the chakras
  8. Archangel Michael on Cutting Karmic Ties
  9. DNA activation and expansion
  10. The Yoga of Laughter
  11. The Silver Violet Flame
  12. The Golden Flower of Life
  13. Accessing the remaining Shamballa Reiki Healing System symbols
  14. Heart Meditation
  15. Learn to adminster Level 3 and 4 attunements on others
  16. Attune to all Level IV Shamballa Reiki Healing System – 352 of them!
Heal yourself and those you love!  Your life will never be the same once you open this gift!!

Course Cost:
Level 1     $  90
Level II    $  90
Level III   $ 100
Level IV  $ 100

2015 Course Schedule:   Choose 1 course date for each of the four levels

Reiki Healing Level 1 -  Choose from one of these dates:   9am - noon
Jan 6,  April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, Aug 23, Sept 20, Nov 15             

Reiki Healing Level 2 - Choose from one of these dates:  12:30 - 4:30 pm
February 25, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 23, Sept 20, Oct 18, Dec 6                          

Reiki Healing Level 3 - Choose from one of these dates:  5-9 pm
March 25, June 21, July 19, August 23, Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15,                                       

Reiki Healing Level 4 - Choose from one of these dates:  10am - 2pm
April  19, May 17, July 26, Aug 30, Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 20