Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life!


Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life!


Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! teaches you the exact steps for drawing in and manifesting exactly that which you desire in your life and leaving all else behind. This course provides a step by step process for unleashing this unmistakable power and ability that is within every person and it provides the opportunity to witness its presence unfolding as your life begins to become abundant. Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! trains you in how to apply and utilize the universal principle of Law of Attraction, master the power of positive thinking for creating an abundant life and it shows the common ways you stifle, thwart or block this universal principle from freely flowing that which is abundant into your life. You will leave Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! with a thorough understanding of how to create a fulfilling, abundant life filled with the things you love and desire. You will learn not just how to activate this universal principle when you want it but also how to live as this magnificent, creative force 24/7. Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! fills us with overflowing gratitude as we witness the radical change in how and what we experience in life!

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We all want to have a rich, rewarding, abundant life. And we want to have this abundant richness settle into all areas of our lives: financial stability, physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, a rewarding professional career, a cherished family and intimate love life, a diverse selection of recreational outlets, an enjoyable and caring pool of dear friends, and a realization of our creativity and expression in the world.

Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! teaches the exact steps to bringing exactly these things, without delay, into your daily life.

Our Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! course shows you that even though you may often times feel as though an abundant pocket may come to you riding in on a blanket of goodwill or a stroke of ingenious luck, the truth, which you will come to know for yourself through direct experience of it in this class, is that you are the conductor, the co-creator, the author of your life plan and you have the ability to bring and create anything you want into your life by deliberately and gainfully applying the important universal principles found in Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life!

As perfectly designed, inherently abundant spiritual beings of infinite possibility, you have everything you need in the way of ability to bring exactly that which you want into your life and you are meant to do so. Most people either just don’t know how, don’t believe it can happen or don’t believe they deserve it to be so.  You are meant to thrive in a rewarding, abundant life and you are meant to use all of your inherent abilities, including those that allow your abundant life to flow to you with ease, empowerment and perfection.

As you begin to awaken this phenomenal ability, you will be blown away by its presence within you and the strength of your natural abilities to co-create all that you desire.

Life is clearly rigged in our favor! Join us and discover how to unleash the power and gratification of this phenomenal principle and ability in your life today! 

Precise Steps For Creating An Abundant Life! 

1 evening class from 6:00-9:30pm
Cost: $147

2015 Session Schedule:

January 14, 2015                     February 11, 2015                   March 5, 2015
April 21, 2015                          May 19, 2015                           June 23, 2015
July 14, 2015                           August 18, 2015                      September 8, 2015
October 20, 2015                   November 24, 2015                December 22, 2015