Inner Sanctuary Training


Inner Sanctuary Training


A transformative meditation technique that will become your greatest life asset ... 

This meditation technique  and journey to healing, empowerment and renewal forever changes your existence into a meaningful, richly rewarding and inspiring life experience. In this living guided meditation technique, you connect deeply with your inner spiritual core, develop your spiritual insight and intuition, release negative energies, and receive crucial answers and guidance for use in creating the exact life you desire. There are so many facets to this spiritual guided meditation, each leading you to unlimited happiness, unwavering inner peace and maximum personal empowerment and strength. 

We feel passionate, compelled and incredibly blessed to share this life impacting tool with as many people as possible. This multi-faceted tool is so powerful, this work is so fruitful. It is a miracle for every life on this planet...

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Each of the steps in this guided meditation technique has a unique and powerful purpose where you:

  • Release your anger, stress, anxiety, frustration and resentment
  • Replace negative inner self talk with the power of positive thinking
  • Receive important answers, insight & guidance on any issue or question you hold
  • Open channels to your creative expression
  • Develop your spiritual gifts, insight and intuition for practical use in your daily life.
  • Stand in greater clarity, understanding, truth and perspective
  • Thrive in an unwavering sense of self and inner confidence
  • Renew your beaten spirit
  • Rejuvenate your zest for life
  • Experience your abundant, loving spiritual assistance
  • Connect at the deepest level with you inner being and Creator
  • Create and draw to you exactly that which you want in your life, leaving the rest behind.
  • Enjoy your positive energetic impact on the global world around you
  • Bathe in the truly overwhelmingly beautiful embrace of God where you come to know fully, through your direct experience of it, just how deeply connected, loved and honored you are.

This guided meditation technique changes everything about how you process the difficulties and joys in your life.  This healing and empowerment life tool provides the methods, means and solutions to everything you will encounter in life.

A Transformative Life Tool

Even with all of our blessings, life can still be filled with many challenging moments of stress, struggle, pain, disharmony and heartache.  Our most difficult challenges can often leave us feeling withdrawn, broken or even shattered. We search, looking for a better way, for answers or, finally, we just give up any kind of looking at all.  We are in pain or are numb … we can feel alone and in isolation… We are depleted, flat and have lost our sense of joy as well as our deeply rooted purpose for being here.  Life can sometimes feel more like a taxing, grinding chore than the beautiful gift and celebration it is meant to be!

Building Your Inner Sanctuary

These are among the many, many reasons this beautiful guided meditation system is the most important healing, empowerment and renewal tool you will ever receive in your lifetime.  In these difficult pockets, Inner Sanctuary Training is transformational and moves you fully up and out of these lower times.  This course teaches you how to build your Inner Sanctuary, the sacred, spiritual space within where you go to receive guidance, empowerment and direction from your soul and from God, where you restore balance and vitality to your being, strengthen your life purpose and manifest your love, wisdom and creative ideas in your life.  Your Inner Sanctuary is where you can connect with Spirit, strengthen your spiritual gifts, insight and intuition, and positively transform your life.  Inner Sanctuary Training is the method and means to establish this sacred, spiritual space within ... 

As well, during our peaceful, happy pockets of life, Inner Sanctuary Training keeps you balanced, on track and filled with happiness, life purpose, and a rich sense of self.  It helps you live life through your grateful lens and loving heart. 

Inner Sanctuary Training is truly your powerful pathway to living the compelling, dynamic, rewarding life you desire.  It is through your renewal in Spirit that you are empowered to live your life as an expression of your love, goodness and care.  It is in this pathway of expression that you truly come to know wisdom, harmony and lasting peace.

Inner Sanctuary Training – A Powerful Tool for every life!

When you use this guided meditation journey consistently, you immediately see remarkable evidence of its powerful abilities alive and at work in your life – healing, renewing and restoring you to the fullness of who you truly are.  You instantly see your manifestations come into existence and the circumstances of your life radically improve. You feel deeply a renewed connection with your own source of Spirit within and quickly come to know the richness this lends your life.

You watch the heaviness of life peel away as it is replaced with empowerment and the realization that you are able to direct your destiny and fully enjoy each moment because you are filling it with exactly what you desire.    

Inner Sanctuary Training - Each visit renews your life’s purpose self worth.

Inner Sanctuary Training also provides a place of retreat where you are able to deeply connect with and feel God’s presence.  You will never wonder if there is a God, if God loves you, what role God plays in your life, or what your life purpose might be. You will know all of these things and you will not be able to forget that your knowing and your inspiration is born of swimming in this intoxicating, unwavering, all encompassing love of God.

This tool is so powerful; this work is so fruitful. It is a miracle for every life on this planet. When Inner Sanctuary Training is used consistently, even if for just 15 minutes per day, your life grow to be the fully exciting, richly rewarding, and fulfilling existences you are meant to experience.

We feel incredibly blessed, passionate and compelled to share Inner Sanctuary Training with as many as possible … this most beautiful and valuable guided meditation tool allows you to build a healthy self image, sustain a life of empowerment, design and create the life you desire, eliminate that which you do not want and, above all, bear out all the benefits of a deep, spiritual connection with your soul and your Divine Creator!

We have the Power. You have the Power. A few minutes a day. 

Who knew?!?

Inner Sanctuary Training – 3 sessions

Friday evening:  6 - 9
Saturday:           10 - 6
Sunday:             10 - 6 

Cost:  $247

2015 Schedule dates for Inner Sanctuary Training

January       10-12
February     21-23
March          20-22
April            10-12
May             22-24
June            12-14
July              10-12
August        14-16
Sept            11-13
Oct              9-11
Nov             6-8
Dec             11-13

Inner Sanctuary Training...  a powerful life tool for transformative healing, empowerment and renewal