Stages of Grief and Loss I


Stages of Grief and Loss I


Healing your grief involves a process of working through the stages of grief which is nature’s way of helping you through the process of significant loss and of integrating the loss into your life. Grace Cover offers a beautifully grounded and wonderfully supportive grief healing program to assist you in this important grieving process as you move through each of the stages of grief and loss. 

Grace Cover offers a safe sanctuary where you can do healthy grief work as you take the necessary steps through these critical stages of grief recovery.

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Feeling overwhelmed with grief and loss?  Overwhelmed by the different stages of grief ?  Grace Cover can help. We are trained and committed to helping you experience and heal your grief well.

The death of a loved one is not only painful, but can sometimes be disorienting and devastating. Any experience of losing a loved one, friend, job, or spouse can be grief ridden, traumatic and terrifying.

People can thwart the grief process by trying to bypass the stages of grief and rush the healing process. John Dunne said, “The one who has no time to mourn, has no time to mend.” The rewards for taking time to cope with grief and loss and process the stages of grief in healthy ways are enormous. You deserve to experience healthy grief by taking the necessary time and care to heal as you move through each of the stages of grief.

Stages of Grief and Loss I is an educational evening where information is presented on the purpose and nature of grief and what may be described as the typical stages of grief. The focus of the evening is on providing participants with a working knowledge of how to experience grief in healthy ways and how to integrate the grief process into your life. Whether you have just begun the grief process or have been experiencing the stages of grief and loss for some time, you are welcome in this rewarding program and will find it highly comforting and beneficial. 

Our Stages of Grief and Loss I group meets one Friday night per month from 6-8 PM and explores the many dimensions of doing beneficial grief work. A distinct advantage of participating in a grief healing group is the support and interaction shared by others also going through the various stages of grief and learning to cope with their grief and loss. You will quickly begin to feel supported and cared for in your grief and healing journey.

Contact Grace Cover today. Comfort, relief and healing when in the stages of grief and loss starts with a phone call. It is easy to connect with one of our Stages of Grief and Loss healing groups. You deserve unwavering support in these most difficult times as you move through the stages of grief and forward into a fulfilling life of renewed hope, empowerment, peace and wholeness.

Stages of Grief and Loss I: 1 Friday evening/month from 6-8pm, $ 75/meeting

2015 scheduled sessions:

January 10, 2015                   February 14, 2015                   March 6, 2015
April 3, 2015                          May 1, 2015                             June 5, 2015
July 3, 2015                           August 7, 2015                         September 4, 2015

October 2, 2015                    November 13, 2015                  December 4, 2015

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Begin your journey to healing, empowerment and renewal today...