Reiki & Holistic Energy Healing Services

All healing is a gift from God and, as such, we are all blessed to witness the beauty, power, strength and devotion of this Loving Presence in all of our holistic energy healing sessions. The evidence of this devotion and care is seen in the extraordinary healing and revelations that come to each client during their time here in God’s care.

Grace Cover offers an array of exquisite, spiritual energy healing services that care for, soothe, heal, balance and restructure the many levels of your holistic presence.

As these holistic, spiritual energy healing sessions progress, the healer or spiritual medium often receives intuitive messages and guidance for the client that will assist them in their healing and personal growth journey.

Post session, you will feel peaceful, balanced, and energized. You will know that you are harmoniously and deeply connected to God and to this magnificent Divine presence within.

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