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Creating a Positive Inner Voice

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Every person is meant to live a positive, joy filled, fully rewarding and empowered life centered in the authentic truth of who you truly are.  You are meant to honor, enjoy and love yourself as the unique, dynamic person of infinite worth, purpose and value that you are.

What is this voice inside your head that seems to automatically generate negative thoughts before you even have a chance to form them?  Why does this negative voice seem to appear so often? How do you transform this exhausting negativity that is not truly a reflection of who you are or want to be?

This workshop helps you understand your automatic thoughts:

•    Why they are there and the source of them
•    Why they are so plentiful
•    How they impact your life
•    How to transform them
•    How to move to the powerful pathway of positive thinking

Begin the meaningful, enjoyable, successful life journey that is meant for you ...

Join us for this transformative workshop!

October 15th:  6:30 - 9:30 PM

Cost:  $ 50 

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