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Your Greatest Strength - Your Powerful Inner Being (A Weekend Workshop)


Your Greatest Life Strength - Your Powerful Inner Being ...

provides the pathway, the means, the methodology for living the dynamic, meaningful, rewarding life you seek.  It is a meditation journey that will change your life forever.

In this workshop and through use of this meditation tool, you will:

•    Awaken or renew your zest for life and reason for being here
•    Heal emotional wounds & scars that keep you down and hold you back
•    Transform fear, stress, & anxiety into clarity, conviction and inspired vision
•    Replace other difficult inner emotions with peace, balance and natural joy
•    Turn limiting beliefs & negative inner chatter into constructive thoughts 
•    Access answers to questions & issues directly relevant to your personal life
•    Thrive in an unwavering sense of self and inner confidence
•    Open channels of creative expression & discover your life purpose
•    Develop your intuitive gifts for practical use in your daily life
•    Connect at the deepest level with your inner being for profound life impact
•    Experience the unconditional Love of your inner, spiritual support system
•    Learn how to create your life's dreams & desires with ease and perfection

Additionally, this method of meditation changes everything about how you process the difficulties and joys in your life, how you engage in relationship and how you find true inspiration and empowerment as you walk your life journey.  It awakens powerful inner resources inherent in every person, even if you are unaware.  This life tool provides the guidance and solution to everything you will encounter in life.   

When Your Greatest Life Strength is used consistently, even if for just 15 minutes per day, your life grows to be the fully exciting, richly rewarding, and fulfilling existence you are meant to experience.

We have the Power.  You have the Power.  
few minutes a day.    Who  knew ?!!

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Cost: $247 for the weekend 

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