Your Greatest Strength - Your Powerful Inner Being  (A Weekend Workshop)
to Apr 12

Your Greatest Strength - Your Powerful Inner Being (A Weekend Workshop)

It is in connecting with your inner core, your inner being, that you access the resources, empowerment and road map for living the life you love as a vibrant expression of your unique passion and purpose.  It is here that you discover your inner giant, define who you are and release all else that inhibits you.  Stress melts away, clarity opens, confidence thrives, purpose enlivens, peace reigns and you build an unwavering sense of self for standing strong and accomplishing all of your goals and dreams.  It is in connecting with your Greatest Life Strength – Your Powerful Inner Being that you truly come to know the meaning of your life, the purpose it holds, and the existence of all the powerful inner tools present within you.  

This workshop presents a highly effective and enriching meditation tool that allows you to connect deeply with Your Greatest Life Strength - Your Powerful Inner Being!  It is truly a mystical experience that brings enormous benefit to your daily life and relationships.  Simple yet powerful, once learned, it is highly effective in as little as 15 minutes a day …

Weekend Workshop:   October 10th -12th    

Friday evening:  6:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday:  10 AM – 6 PM

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Spiritual Tools for Anxiety and Depression
8:00 AM08:00

Spiritual Tools for Anxiety and Depression

If you are sad, anxious, depressed or broken ... if the struggle is unbearable and seems unending, with little possibility of hope or change in sight, know there is help and hope.  You might keep it all bottled up inside or, perhaps, you've exhausted the many available avenues of help: meds, therapy, in house treatment, outpatient programs, etc., yet still you are covered in a thick blanket of stress, depression or anxiety.

There is hope.  Come to Spiritual Tools for Anxiety and Depression and gather power tools and methods that will bring you relief and connect you with your greatest source of peace and strength… your powerful spiritual core.

Meetings gather every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8 - 10am.  Come to one, come to all….

Call ahead to reserve your space:  508-624-8400

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Chakras and Auras and Souls, Oh My!
10:00 AM10:00

Chakras and Auras and Souls, Oh My!

This 1 day workshop is a fun, hands on, interactive study of your chakras, aura, thoughts and soul!  In this course, you will learn all about your holistic energy makeup:

  • What your energy system is and why it is important to you 
  • The role of your chakras and aura in your daily life
  • The colors and sounds associated with your chakras
  • How to cleanse your chakras and aura
  • How to do chakra readings - everyone can!
  • How your thoughts impact your health & overall quality of life 
  • How we are all interconnected & impact one another's energy 
  • The role of your soul in your energy system

Register today for this exciting workshop!

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Creating a Positive Inner Voice
6:30 PM18:30

Creating a Positive Inner Voice

Even the most positive person has negative thoughts (lots of them) that distract, disrupt and derail life.  These thoughts diminish your joy, fog your clarity, interrupt your purpose, hinder your productivity and create internal drama that leaves you filled with worry, stress and diminished self images. Many are a result of self consciousness, perceived inferiority or your own internal judgments and comparisons.  Many of your thoughts can hold your limiting self beliefs, judgments, fears, worries about things beyond your control, or desires that ultimately aren’t good for you anyway.

It is time to be free from the thoughts that bind you and the things that keep you down.  This is much more than just a redirecting of your thoughts or using affirmations. In order to change the nature of our internal chatter, we must first look closely at our thought framework, our desires, our values, our attachments, our natural inclinations and our hidden agendas.  It is time to live anew, to free from the negativity that drowns our natural joy, dreams and vision for our lives and to enliven the vibrant, dynamic, confident voice of assurance and purpose that is awaiting release within!

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We are Energy! The Holistic You (Weekend Workshop)
to Aug 24

We are Energy! The Holistic You (Weekend Workshop)

In this workshop, through your direct experience of it, you will learn ...

  • What your energy system is, why it's important to you, and how you impact it
  • How to use your inner, spiritual energy to access direct answers to your daily life questions through a uniquely simple yet powerful form of meditation

All that you need to live an empowered, abundant, and meaningful life is found in the knowledge of your holistic makeup and the awakening of your inner spiritual resources.

Join us for this transformative Mind/Body/Spirit experience!

Friday, August 22:       6PM - 10PM
Saturday, August 23:  10AM - 5 PM
Sunday, August 24:    10AM - 5PM 

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