Chakra & Aura Party

Host a fun holistic party with your friends and learn all about your Chakras & Aura! (Your personal energy system!)

Be the host for this exciting and intimate party with your friends! Have a direct experience of your personal energy and learn how the quality of your energy impacts the quality of your overall life experience!  You will have fun learning:

  • All about your chakras & aura
  • How to feel your personal energy!
  • What your energy centers (chakras & aura) are, what they store and why they are important to you!
  • The colors and sounds associated with each chakra
  • How to tap into the greater energy field for drawing what you want into your life!
  • How to connect with your higher, inner energy to receive answers & guidance you need!
  • How your thoughts and emotions impact your personal energy!


Chakra and Aura parties require 6 people minimum and an even number of attendees (6, 8, 14, 20, etc). Party can be at your location or here at Grace Cover in Southborough, MA.

Each party lasts 3 ½ to 4 hours

Host attends free of charge (see below).  


6 – 10 attendees:     $75 each    (host attends free of charge)
12 – 18 attendees:   $70 each    (host attends free of charge)
20 – 30 attendees:   $65 each    (host + one friend attend free)
32 – 48 attendees:   $60 each    (host + two friends attend free)

Let’s Party! 

Call 508-624-8400 or email us at to set up your Chakra & Aura Party today!