Meaning of Life - Something More?

Everyone can feel that tug from within – that knowing that there is more to life, that there is much more to you, that there is greater reason, meaning and purpose for your being here.  Life is not meant to be stressful, dull, or conforming.  You are not meant to play it safe, feel overwhelm, compare yourself to others or live an unfulfilling existence.  You are not meant to hurt, be in pain, hurt others or feel less than. It is that greater part of yourself, often hidden deep within, that is doing the tugging!

You Have Gifts!

You came with powerful, built in, inner gifts and abilities at birth of which you may not be aware but these inherent, inner abilities can greatly impact how you enjoy, process and experience your life journey.  Our programs and services connect you with your inner voice, that phenomenal inner power, that awaits your call, that is mysteriously present every time you knock, that has all of the guidance, instruction and inspiration you need for creating, with ease, the meaningful, rewarding life you desire and are here to experience and express. 

Understanding your interior language, your interior world and your holistic energy makeup is so important because it is all interrelated.

More Than Just Our Physical Bodies - We Are Energy, We Are Spiritual, We Are Soul!

Humans are discovering that there is much more at play in how life and our entire abundant universe works than what conventional theory held for so long.  There is much more to the makeup of each human being than we ever believed. We are all made of energy that is alive, moving, active and flowing to and through each of us.  Though you may not see this with your physical eyes, science is now measuring and working within these vital energy fields. Understanding your chakras and aura, what they store from your daily activity (!), how you impact the flow of vital energy to you, how we impact each other's energy, and the power of your thoughts and feelings … are all critical to understanding the overall health of your physical body as well as the level of happiness, fulfillment and success in your life.  It is all highly interrelated and all spiritual in nature – after all, it’s how we were created!

Additionally, it is through this vital life energy that you are alive and thriving.  Your energy is what allows you to function.  You know this to be true because when your energy is high, you feel vibrant, alive and frisky.  When your energy is low, you are flat, exhausted or ill.  But it is much more than just that.  Besides breathing your lungs, powering your body and sustaining your life, this energy of life that flows to, through and sustains you is intelligent, communicative, kind, benevolent, supportive, spiritual and infinitely interested in assisting you in accomplishing all you desire in your life.  Sounds whacky but on the off chance this is true, wouldn’t you want to know?  You do not have to take our word for it.  This energy source proves its existence and interest in you as soon as you inquire.  It instantly communicates with and responds to you through all means by sending signs, symbols, answers, synchronicities, brilliant inspiration, loving guidance and wisdom directly relevant to your personal life every time your reach for it… if only you knew to look.  All you need to do is ask, be open, curious and willing to explore and it immediately explodes in love, kindness and guidance.  Again, if this were true, wouldn't you want to know? This rich, revealing understanding of and approach to spirituality allows you to utilize all the powerful gifts you were born with and meant to have on your life journey.  Through your journey here, you come to know without a doubt, that you have infinite value and worth and were created in perfection, fully equipped with all that you need to enjoy your life while evolving and expressing your unique life purpose. 

Journey In Discovery

At Grace Cover, you will begin a meaningful journey of discovery that opens you to a powerful world of tools, techniques and principles that will change your life forever.   Grace Cover offers a broad lineup of fascinating courses that supports your journey and allows for your direct experience of these all-important, life-changing principles. We provide the setting, programs and tools that guide you to discover and experience these principles and truths for yourself so you can shape a life free of stress and filled with purpose, passion, empowerment and inspiration. Further, you will master the power of positive thinking for creating a highly abundant and rewarding life.

 As well, we also offer an array of holistic energy healing options and one on one private counseling sessions.   Our passion is to provide you with an enriching environment that allows our counseling, healing and seminar programs to help you positively transform your life as you unearth the abundant spiritual gifts, tools and resources ever present to every human soul.

In our courses:

You will learn, through your own experience of it, that there is much more to life than what you may currently see or believe.  We are all made up of vital, moving energy and this invisible, fully alive energy force flows through and surrounds us all. This energy presence not only breathes, animates and sustains us but also provides guidance, inspiration and love when we open to and connect with it. 

You will uncover this powerful world of energy that runs through all of life and you will gain mastery of your own personal energy system (chakras, aura, thoughts and emotions).  You will learn how you greatly impact your own energy system (chakras and aura)and the pure flow of energy to you by what you think, feel, say and do.

You will discover how you slow, disrupt or block this pure flow of energy within you and how this effects your overall level of health, joy, vitality, and wellbeing. 

You will master the power of positive thinking for attracting and enjoying a life that is abundant in all areas important to you.

You will understand how to easily but effectively balance, realign, and renew the strength and flow of this energy to optimal levels throughout your being so that you feel more alive, peaceful, healthy, energetic and valued.

You will see that the very things, people and events that are most difficult, challenging or annoying to you are in your life for very specific reasons relative to your greater purpose and journey on earth.

You will revel in knowing that this same powerful energy that all holistic energy healers use in their energy healing work is accessible to everyone with little, proper training.

You will ponder for the rest of your life the experience of discovering for yourself that this energy source present within you is intelligent, spiritual, loving and ready to be active in your life, if only you knew it were there and how to call upon it.  When in alignment with this universal energy force, it responds immediately upon request, providing all you need to create the dynamic, rewarding, fulfilling life you desire.

You will be stunned as this spiritual energy source proves its existence and power to you as soon as you are aware of it and express interest, exploration or curiosity.  This energy source that supports and sustains us, remains ready at every moment to guide, inspire, provide for and assist you in every way you need along your path…. just by your calling upon it.

You will marvel over and enjoy the multitude of hands on experiments that show you how instantly ever-present and powerful this spiritual energy source is, how it is focused upon you and how it is the greatest untapped asset in your life.

You will acquire the exact steps to learn how to tap into, utilize and pull all that you need from this powerful energy force for use in creating and sustaining a life of empowerment, robust happiness and unstoppable success as you lay your unique imprint upon this world. 

You will become deeply moved and filled with inspiration as you connect with the knowing that you are here to accomplish your life purpose or soul mission… and that you came with all the support and tools you need to do so.

You will celebrate your new experiences and knowledge as life-transforming food for your soul.


 Further, at Grace Cover, you will learn how to:

  • Replace stress, fear and doubt with confidence, peace and empowerment
  • Remove stuck points, transcend issues, heal wounds and mend relationships
  • Explore, identify and remove repeated, negative patterns of thought and choice
  • Discern your life purpose with clarity, inspiration and motivation
  • Create a meaningful life plan that captures your talent, passion and desire
  • Create and enjoy the exact abundant life you crave
  • Identify, develop and strengthen your innate spiritual gifts of intuition for vibrant, empowered, abundant living
  • Access direction, inspiration and guidance directly relevant to your personal life
  • Connect with all of the loving support and assistance available to you in the spiritual realm
  • Channel loving messages, wisdom and inspiration from Spirit
  • Use your gifts of spiritual intuition for positive impact in the world
  • Experience the rich blessing of knowing we are all infinitely connected in life and in Spirit 

Our leading edge spiritual center offers a broad range of products and services for today’s discerning client.  Here, you will gain knowledge and tools of immeasurable value that will greatly alter how you view, live and enjoy your life experience.  You will see how perfectly you were created and what that means in terms of how incredibly treasured, loved and honored you are as a person of infinite worth value and purpose. As well, the revealing work accomplished in our personal growth, self awareness and intuition programs lift you from relentless stress, limiting beliefs and unproductive negative thoughts to securing a roadmap beyond stress management into an unwavering sense of self, profound inner peace, and robust happiness.

We are all spiritual beings called to the abundant gifts & abilities given us at birth for use in creating and sustaining a phenomenal life!


Join us today to begin life anew … in the totality of the gifts, miracle and power that is you!