Spirituality Outside of the Box

Grace Cover is a spirituality center focused on empowerment, healing, self improvement and enlightenment. We teach you how to meditate with highly effective meditation techniques that connect you to your powerful inner guidance and unique life purpose and expression.  We guide you in building unwavering self esteem, strong confidence, and positive thinking so you can create a meaningful life of freedom, ease and success that reflects your abundant gifts and goodness.  

 As well, your health and how you feel is very much related to the parts of you that you cant’s see so we share the important role of your chakras and aura (your holistic makeup) in the overall quality your life. We also provide counseling, energy healing, Reiki healing and many informative seminars and workshops!

Spirituality Relevant and Meaningful to Your Life 

When we enjoy the benefits of a spirituality that is relevant and meaningful to our daily lives, immeasurable peace, happiness and direction occurs.  When we understand all aspects of ourselves, hidden and unhidden, and when we are able to connect with that deeper, greater part of who we truly are, our lives become amazing works of art where awareness, growth and purpose thrive.

Chakras, Aura and Soul … That's right!!

We are all on a quest to evolve and enjoy a meaningful, life experience. Each person is born with a greater life purpose and comes fully equipped with a vital energy system that keeps you alive (chakras and aura) and an interior spiritual toolbox to guide you in creating the exact life you love. Grace Cover leads you to open your powerful inner resources, understand your holistic energy system (chakras and aura), and eliminate that which inhibits you so you can unleash and live in the totality of your personal power. Never again do you have to wonder, fear, worry, stress or fret. All of the guidance, wisdom, inspiration and healing you ever need is moments away when you discover how to use these amazing inner resources inherent in every person. When all of the dimensions and gifts of spirituality that were meant to be yours are opened and enfolded into your life journey, you are fully empowered, equipped and able to accomplish all your dreams with ease. Everyone deserves to experience the miracle of your own internal toolbox and live in the infinite power that is you! Each of our counseling, energy healing and seminar offerings is designed to restore your highest levels of passion, empowerment, confidence, success and inner joy!

Living from your greatest strength… Your powerful spiritual core!